Selling Your Home Over the Holidays


The holiday season is quickly approaching!  You may have your house on the market now or plan to put it up for sale soon, but how do you still decorate without adding too much clutter and keep your house “Show Ready” at all times?  Here a few easy tips to help.

Keep it Simple

Simple and elegant can go a long way.  It may not be your style and you may be the Clark Griswold type of decorator when it comes to the holidays, but over-decorating can be a downfall when trying to sell your home.  You don’t want to overload your house with too much clutter, so try and pick out just a few of your favourite ornaments and decorations that will keep your home festive.  If you are able to, consider trading in your regular full-size Christmas tree for a smaller one or possibly a tabletop tree that doesn’t take up as much space.  Try and keep away from masking possible selling features in your home (i.e. fireplace mantels, stain glass windows, or large bay windows) by over decorating or placing large objects that would block or obstruct that key feature.  If you are at a loss for how to go about keeping things low key you can always consider hiring a professional stager to offer further tips and tricks.

Pack as you go!

While you are bringing out your holiday items, take the time to pack away anything that won’t be needed or used.  If you are going to hand-truck-564242_640start packing you need to make sure that you are stacking boxes neatly away in a basement or garage so they aren’t scattered everywhere making the space you have look small.  If space is an issue for you consider renting a storage unit to keep anything you won’t need until you move.

Scents of the Season

It has always been recommended that whenever trying to sell your home you introduce welcoming aromas appealing to potential buyers.  What you may want to do is have some standby items that can fill your home with sweet warming fragrances.  Keep some apple cider on hand that can be quickly put in a pot and heated up or baked goods that can be popped into the oven to give off delicious scents.  For some other creative ideas visit http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g2851/how-to-make-your-home-smell-like-christmas/?slide=9

Selling your home over the holidays does certainly provide challenges compared to other times of the year, but if you work with your real estate agent and come up with a plan that everyone can live with it can be done.

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