Empty Nesters:

It’s a Whole New World


It may seem like your whole world is about to turn upside down.  The time has arrived, all the kids are either off to school, getting married or starting families of their own, and you look around and realize it’s just you and your spouse.  For some, we can’t wait for this moment: peaceful dinners, spending time with our significant others, and moving into a new role in our lives where not everything is about the children, but for the rest it can be a bit of a challenge accepting this new lifestyle.  Have no fear, your kids will always need you and you are always going to be the parent.  Keep in mind a few tips to make this transition as smooth as possible!


frogs-1407383_640Prepare Yourself

Both moms and dads need to prepare themselves for the emotions that come with being an empty nester. Although moms are often depicted as sobbing uncontrollably when the last one leaves the nest, I’ve seen many fathers be the one to break down.

You know the moment will come (in the blink of an eye) so give yourself time to get ready for it.  If your child is in their last year of high school and planning to go away for post-secondary education you are going to have that full year before you have to say goodbye.  Spend extra time with them – I know what you are thinking…….good luck getting your teenager to spend any time with you let alone extra time – but they are on the verge of being an adult so sit and talk to them about it.  Possibly suggest (if you aren’t already) that dinner every night together is going to become a family activity.  If that is out of the question, dedicate one night a week or every other week for family time.  By getting ready for moving day it may save you just a few less tears that will be shed, and yes there will be tears and that’s ok.  This is the moment you have worked so hard for, seeing your child or children independent and thriving on their own.

Moving day has come & gone……what next?sunset-538286_640

Here you are just you and your spouse – this is a good thing!  Although you may be finding it difficult not seeing your kids every day or being involved in their daily activities that’s okay, but don’t dwell on that, take this time and make it a new chapter in your life.  Reconnect with your spouse by finding hobbies that you didn’t always have time for before and get involved now.  Perhaps you can do more travelling.  It’s OK to think of yourself first now.  A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into raising your child to be the best that they can be, so now it is your time to shine.



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