Preparing your Home to Sell

You are considering putting your house on the market, but before you do, there are some important things to take into consideration so you can get top dollar for your home.  As potential buyers are going to be coming in and out of your house, remember these few tricks of the trade:

  • Declutter

Get out some storage bins and boxes and pack away anything that isn’t a necessity.  If your home is cluttered with knick-knacks and personal items, the old saying, Less is More, applies here.  You want to be able to appeal to everyone and since not all people have similar taste, a good rule of thumb to follow is keep it neutral and simple.  Not everyone shares in the same passions that you have, so as hard as it may be to pack up that beer bottle collection……….it is a MUST.  

Everyone is looking for open concept and lots of space.

By simplifying your home it gives potential buyers that feel.  You may want to consider renting a storage unit (if your budget allows for it) or temporarily relocating some of your items.

  • Paintpainter

I’m not saying you have to repaint your entire house, all I’m suggesting is consider adding a fresh coat of paint to a few crucial rooms.  Maybe it’s not even an entire room you paint, a coat of paint on your kitchen cupboards can certainly freshen it up.  If you do think that you need to repaint a few rooms, keep them neutral.  You want to go with warm, soothing colours…….stay away from experimenting with the latest trend and bright bold statement making tones.

  • Curb Appeal

I can’t stress this enough.  Making a great first impression starts with the outside of your house.  Creating an inviting atmosphere could be the deciding factor for whether or not the potential buyer drives by that open house sign or stops to come and check out your home.  You want to make your house stand out from the others.  A few simple things like keeping the grass cut, planting some flowers, cleaning the windows or staging your porch with some simple furniture can be the key to making people want to see more.

  • Pets

I don’t need tanimalso tell you that your house must be showroom ready at all times when you are selling your home, but one thing you may have forgotten about if you have pets is the importance of people not noticing that Fido or Fluffy live there.  If people are walking into your home you don’t want the first thing they smell to be pet odour.

There is nothing worse than that dirty kitty litter smell.

A good way to avoid this from happening is to get the carpets and furniture steam cleaned.  There are many different products out there that will help remove pet odours and can be picked up at your local hardware store.  Consider hiring a professional for this, it will be money well spent.


With houses going well over list price in this booming market, make sure you take the time to prep your home so you are getting the most you can for it.  By doing the few things listed above it should be no time before you find yourself with an offer you can’t refuse!


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